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Official Video For “Gold In A Brass Age”

The official video for the title track off the new album “Gold In A Brass Age” is out today. The video was directed by Rex Russell, whose ideas for the visuals were inspired by the contrast of David’s voice and how it carries itself elegantly through the song’s glitchy production. The song itself sprang from some playful studio experimentation between David and his producer, Ben de Vries. Ben was looping some of David’s guitar offcuts and David was inspired to sit down at the Wurlitzer and start singing. To David, “It was the crystallisation of a new songwriting process and compelling evidence that the creative alchemy that I’d been searching for was finally beginning. The quirks of the basic track sounds so different from my previous recordings that when my friend came over and heard it playing, he had to ask me who it was. I said ‘It’s me you idiot!’ ”


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