A Message From David About His Upcoming Tour

September 27, 2016| « back

So, having spent the best part of the last year in the studio and with a new record bubbling away nicely, it’s time to emerge squinting into the sunlight, guitar in hand, and hit the road again.

This time around the shows are happening in support of my new ‘Best Of’ record, featuring two previously unreleased tracks and due for release in October, and the sets will obviously be reflecting that.

One key difference about this particular tour is that I will be performing all the concerts solo, and the general idea is that the set will be divided into two halves. The first half will be an adventurous, in depth look at a broad sweep of songs from across all my albums, even possibly taking a peek at some new material, while the second half will focus primarily on the ‘hits’.

This will be my first string of exclusively solo dates for over 20 years and it’s an exciting and also slightly nerve wracking prospect. The run up to Christmas is always a great time to be playing shows and I’ve got a feeling that this run is going to be special. Looking down at my calendar it doesn’t seem that far away, but one things for sure, when the moment comes, I’ll be ready.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you out there.

— Dave XX